Training Of Trainers

Training of Trainers


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Deliver two training sessions which will be analysed, reviewed and recorded on CCTV.
  2. Decide which is the appropriate method to motivate different trainees, including handling difficult trainees.
  3. Develop a coaching style which encourages trainees to perform tasks effectively in line with the company training procedure.
  4. Deliver a training programme which can be measured at the end and geared to the way people learn.
  5. Differentiate between the three elements of an instructional objective and use these appropriately at work. Develop instructional objectives for each training session.
  6. Effectively use appropriate training aids to assist learning.
  7. To measure their own progress and determine what they need to do to improve their techniques regularly at work using the company structure.
  8. To measure their training session against an instructional objective and an output at work.
  9. To offer effective feedback to boost the trainee's confidence and develop motivation to move onto the next task.


  • Two-way Communication exercise
  • Our experiences of training
  • What style should a trainer use?
  • Learning styles at work
  • The Learning Cycle
  • Four stages of training a person
    - Objective
    - Prepare
    - Deliver
    - Evaluate
  • Practical training with feedback

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