Recruitment & Selection Techniques

Recruitment & Selection Techniques Using Competence based Questions


By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  1. Develop a relevant person and job specification for a particular position.
  2. Analyse a CV or application form and identify key areas to probe.
  3. Develop a questioning technique to gain relevant information, including Competence based question.
  4. Develop questions for each candidate based on the person specification and the application form.
  5. Prepare, structure and perform an interview to gain the relevant information against an agreed criteria using appropriate notes.
  6. Analyse the information from an interview against the person specification and make a correct decision.
  7. Identify the legal framework concerning the recruitment process.


The course will be highly interactive and will involve various exercises to develop the relevant skills.

The course style will be to encourage and build the confidence of the participants. Feedback will be offered at each stage of the event to assist their development. This will establish the strengths and improvement areas of each participant. At the end of the course, feedback will be offered to each person based on the interviews performed. The aim will be to ensure future interviews incorporate their strengths and improvement areas.

An action plan will be developed to assist each person to achieve a better performance back in the workplace. This will act as a reference document for use at work. It can also assist any future coaching back in the workplace.

The various exercises used will help to develop a template for future use back at work. Thus, an employee specification will be developed for a typical job which can then be used for recruitment back at work. The questions developed to test the Employee Specification can also be used back in the workplace for future recruitment exercises.

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