Negotiating Skills

Negotiating Skills


By the end of the event the participants will be able to:

  1. Use a structured approach to the negotiation process.
  2. Use a structured approach to preparation and identify their own key strengths and that of the other party.
  3. Develop an effective opening position that is realistic and will engage a response.
  4. Identify how to make effective proposals and also make counter proposals.
  5. Create a positive Win/Win approach which develops long term relationships.
  6. Identify and use methods to close a negotiation to take account of the situation and opportunities.
  7. Create an effective review mechanism to identify how the negotiations have concluded.
  8. Develop appropriate responses to typical negotiation situations.


This will be a practical event which will fully involve the participants. A staged approach to the negotiation process will be used. There will be opportunities to practice the stages using appropriate case studies. There will also be relevant inputs to consolidate the staged approach.

Participants will use checklists and various tools that are provided on the day. Case studies will relate to the commercial and industrial relations environment.

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