Managing Time Effectively

Managing Time Effectively


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the purpose of their role and where it fits into the organisation.
  2. Identify how their time is being used and determine how to get more from the time available.
  3. Identify a suitable priority system to apply in the workplace.
  4. Determine suitable methods of dealing with paperwork and other routine tasks.
  5. Develop appropriate methods of dealing with interruptions.
  6. Plan and organise their day to meet business needs and priorities.


  • What is my job purpose?
  • What key tasks aid the success of the job?
  • Priority System
    - ABC
    - Ivy Lea
    - Urgent v Important
  • Exercise to practice planning and organising
  • Dealing with interruptions
    - Phone
    - People
    - Email
  • Using the GUTS technique to deal with paper.

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