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Difficult Conversations and Interpersonal Effectiveness

This is a practical discussion based workshop aimed at anyone who would like to develop their skills to hold difficult conversations with difficult people to achieve positive outcomes. Delegates will be provided with a range of practical tools and techniques to address the real issues and situations faced and the behaviour of the individual. This will make the course practical and highly interactive. Furthermore the participants will get an opportunity to practice using the techniques and be able to fine tune these for use back in the workplace.

Delegates will also be provided with an A5 workbook

Objectives & Learning Outcomes

By the end of the event, participants will be able to;

1) Define what behaviour is and how it is different from personality

2) Know what makes people difficult

3) Recognise the impact that personal behaviour can have on others during difficult conversations

4) Identify the major behaviour types at work and use an assertive approach to confidently and effectively respond to each behaviour type

5) Use empathy effectively during difficult conversations

6) Use neutral questions and listening that focus on the problem not the person

7) Practically deal with each potential situation in a positive manner that achieves a defined objective using the AID feedback model

8) Develop a positive and confident approach that creates the correct environment to engage with difficult people and achieve a positive outcome

. 9) Practice using the tools for tackling behaviour with their team and co-workers in the workplace

10) Develop a practical action plan to embed the new skills back at work

We are now running this ever popular training in both face to face and virtual formats. This course is ideal for new and experienced Line Managers who would like to develop their ability to hold difficult discussions with their direct reports. Please contact us if you would like to register an interest in this course. If you wish to find out more about this event or have a training need for an in house course or coaching and you would like more information, please call John on 07443 654 864 or please contact us  for booking enquiries: info@weightmanassociates.com

Annual Employment Law Conference 2021

We are pleased to launch this years Employment Law Conference Programme. Our intention for this year has always been to run a face-to-face event, due to the uncertainty about the path of the pandemic during the coming months we have decided to run a virtual event with a revised format to be held on Thursday 18th November 2021.

The first session will contain an update on Employment Law and the latest developments from recent Employment Tribunal cases, you will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered.

The subsequent sessions contain practical guidance on the legal aspects of specific topics reflective of the current challenges faced as we tentatively emerge from the pandemic.

All sessions will be delivered by experienced Employment Lawyers from Womble Bond Dickinson and Hay & Kilner. Each session will also be recorded so you can review them after the event.

If you wish to be seen as the practical expert in your organisation who is totally up to date on employment law, please attend. If you are responsible for people development and employee relations, you can gain a lot from this event.

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone and has been especially difficult for charities, many having their income streams drastically reduced over the last 18 months. We have decided this year to hold the event at a reduced price of only £45 plus vat, the proceeds of the event will go to Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Please email me at john@weightmanassociates.com to book your space.

Full details of the programme can be accessed via clicking on the image below.


Consultation and Redundancy - The Essentials for Line Managers

This practical virtual session is ideal for Managers and HR Professionals who are not familiar with the Consultation and Redundancy Process. It includes guidance on the different types of meeting involved and how to prepare effectively for each meeting.

By the end of the virtual session, participants will be able to

1.Provide key information regarding Redundancy and the law

2.Describe the stages of a Consultation process and plan effectively for each stage

3. Provide clear information on the proposal to employees affected and explain the why

4.Confidently facilitate consultation meetings to request views of employees

5.Consider the views expressed and communicate a response with reasons

6.Know how to break the news and deal with reactions in a redundancy meeting

Duration 1.5 hours

Max number of Participants 4 per session

Slide support included

Price £200 plus vat

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about the events above or if you have a training need for an in house course or coaching and you would like more information, please call John on 07443 654 864 or please contact us  for booking enquiries: info@weightmanassociates.com

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