Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training




By the end of the course participants will be able to:-


1.   Plan and execute a Presentation using a structured approach designed to gain interest and influence the audience.


2.  Use a structured plan to present persuasive arguments.

3.   Use visual aids to add impact to a presentation and also increase the understanding of the audience.

4.   Deliver a presentation to achieve the agreed objective.





1.      Introduction - what makes a speaker nervous.  How can they relax and overcome tensions and avoid mannerisms?


2.      Preparation - essential steps in obtaining and making best use of material. Gaining and retaining audience interest and building acceptance of the concept.  Preparing notes to aid the delivery and the memory.  Techniques for opening and closing a talk.


3.      Visual Aids - how to prepare and use simple visual aids.  How to use the visual sense to increase audience acceptance for opening and closing a presentation.


4.      Voice - voice production and breath control.  Ensuring clarity and audibility, achieving colourful delivery.


5.      Practice - preparation and presentation by each delegate to the group, with constructive feedback and guidance by the tutor.

6.      Assessing the audience and their needs.

7.      Establishing the objective - methods of ensuring the objectives are defined and achieved using a structured approach.

8.      Delivery – methods of delivery that fit the circumstances and the venue.  This will also reflect the different types of presentations such as conference, briefs and meetings.




This one-day course has been designed to help Managers enhance their speaking ability, which is the most fundamental of the Communication Skills.  This course deals in a practical way with the presentation of oral delivery of fluent and persuasive statements in a variety of circumstances.


There will be opportunities to deliver short presentations on the progress they have made.  These one-minute presentations offer an opportunity to practice further.


The participants will gain a full set of reference notes which can be used back at work.  During the course they will be given checklists of the main points.  These can be used during the event to assist preparation and delivery. 





The Falcons Nest, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne





1 Day – 9.30am to 4.30pm



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